An Organization for Seniors Living with Memory Loss.

Customized activities for seniors living with moderate-stage dementia

We don't stop playing because we grow old; We grow old because we stop playing - George Bernard Shaw

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Community Partner!

ARTISTS’ EXCHANGE! An arts collaborative whose mission is to create an atmosphere in which creativity, learning and discovery converge and individuality is celebrated. May 7, 2016 – Al’s Moving Minds and Artists Exchange… together again, for the first time!  Details to come.

Upcoming Events!

Various programs and Events! Art Camp:  May 7, 2016 Free Volunteer Training:  January 30, 2016 The site is being updated to reflect the schedule but feel free to contact us for the latest news! 401.226.2677

Our Volunteers

This organization is volunteer run.  No paid staff, no paid board.  We absolutely cannot do this without the caring, fun and funny volunteers. If you are interested in being an “Al’s Pal” – let us know. Training is FREE and the commitment is minimal and flexible.  Find out more –



Al’s Moving Minds gives caregivers a chance to catch their breath.

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Al’s Moving Minds is a phenomenal program for caregivers and those with the early/moderate stages of Alzheimer’s or a related dementia.

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Al’s Moving Minds is such an ingenious & innovative way to meet the need of both the caregivers and the people afflicted by moderate Alzheimer or dementia.

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When my mother began to suffer from dementia and moved in with us, it would have been wonderful to have had an Al’s Moving Minds available to us.

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